The power of decentralized gaming

Reboot converts player, developer, and contributor skills into rewards using decentralized, blockchain-based services, creating a sustainable token economy for skill-based games to thrive.

Fully autonomous

If the market wants a game to exist, Reboot will allow it with no central authority to stop its success. Anyone can help shape the protocol simply by holding GG.

Contributor rewards

Reboot will facilitate the creation of automatic reward liquidity for competitive skill-based games. Every effort to improve or maintain the protocol and its games will be recognized.

Scalable framework

Reboot will provide the opportunity for a game’s user base, validation network, reward liquidity, and marketing reach to grow through its contributors and built-in market incentives.

Fair play

Providing a common standard to track player performance and validate gameplay results, Reboot is designed to ensure accuracy and fairness across the board.

The building blocks

Power up your play
Game Credits

Start a game by inserting Credits, a digital token backed by GG. Credits may grant global access to all Reboot games or be customized for specific titles.

Time to Battle
Player Ratings

Transparently monitored ratings track your skill level and the reliability of your gameplay data based on play frequency and consistency.

Shape the Future

Participate in decentralized governance through GG. As stakeholders, you have the power to shape the direction of Reboot via Reboot DAO.

In-Game Marketplace
Reboot Shop

Explore a unique shop where game developers can release in-game items and rewards with dynamic pricing based on fair market value.

Fair gameplay

Face opponents matched to your player rating and preferred difficulty level. Reboot computes the odds to create fair and exciting matches.

Strengthen Your Assets
Reserve Pool

Leverage a pool of GG and other tokens to collateralize Game Credits, Unlockable Rewards, and in-game items within Reboot.

Claim Your Bounty
Unlockable Rewards

Earn Proof-of-Skill tokens that can be exchanged for GG when paired with other game items, rewarding active players exhibiting positive behavior.

Play, Win, Earn.
Rewards AMM

Tap into an on-chain market maker for rewarding skilled gameplay. Hold GG to earn fees by contributing to a rewards marketplace for your favorite games.

Preserve Game Integrity
Proof of Play

Generate an undeniable, community-supported proof of gameplay results through coordination with Reboot’s on-chain components.

PROTOCOL governance

Reboot DAO

Powered by GG, the Reboot DAO marks a significant step towards creating a decentralized, transparent, and fair gaming ecosystem governed by players, developers, and other stakeholders. Together, we can shape the future of gaming and build an ecosystem that benefits all contributors.

Coming Soon